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      久保寺逸彦 (1956), p.135

      Batchelor, John (1901), p.556
    "While you were alive you were an Ainu just like one of us,
    but you have now become like unto the gods,
    and can see and hear everything.
    We now, therefore, offer this food and drink for your acceptance.
    You are now in the act of leaving this world, and are going to heaven.
    You will be a divinity.
    Before you quite leave us we offer you food and drink such as you loved so well when among us.
    Please partake thereof, for this is our "good-bye" feast made especially for you.
    You have seen and mixed with your friends thus far, but may no longer look upon them.
    We commit you without question to "the goddess of fire," and so send you off to heaven.

      久保寺逸彦 (1956), p.137
    死者に供えたものは、すぐ下げて、遺族、近親者が少しずつ頒ち食べ、残ったものは、炉の下手の灰の中に撒き散らす。 (粢でも菓子でも、形あるものは、すべて手で砕く)  ‥‥
    供物を砕いて撒き散らす (icharpa) ということは、祖霊供養 shinurappa や悪疫流行の際の悪魔祓などにも行われるもので、深い意味を持つものなのである。
    Animistic なアイヌの考え方によれば、organic のものでも、inorganic のものでも、すべて霊が存する訳で、その形体乃至肉体を破壊することによって、霊は他界に再生し得るのであるから、死者、祖霊、魔神等に供えたものは、破砕して、その精霊だけを家苞として持たせてやればよい訳である。

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