Up 温湿度センサ : DHT11 (KY-015) 仕様 作成: 2021-03-31
更新: 2021-03-31

    sensorkit : "KY-015 Combi-Sensor Temperature+Humidity" より:
    Advantages of the sensor are the combination between temperature measurment and humidity measurements in one compact design -
    the disadvantage is the low sampling rate of the measurement, you are only able to get a new result every 2 seconds -
    so thid sensor is better to use for long period measurements.

    osoyoo : DHT11 温湿度センサー より:
    Items Conditions Min Norm Max Unit
    VCC DC 3.3 5.0 5.5 Volts
    Measuring Range Humidity 20% 90% RH
    Temperature 0; 50 °C
    Sensitivity Humidity ±5% RH
    Temperature ±2 °C
    Signal Collecting Period 2 S